Alt News or Fraud News? Shameless campaign of lies and defamation.

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By trueindology

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10 replies on “Alt News or Fraud News? Shameless campaign of lies and defamation.”

Thank you for your information on the fictitious website Altnews, giving false and twisted information about our culture /discoveries. Defamation /criminal cases should be filed against them. This is clearly a work of the so-called pseudosekulars, leftists.


We all support TrueIndology < that Altnews is run on Congressi Fund to defame and target all those any tweeting against Congressi Ideology .They had done same with Postcard News. and shown Mahesh Hegde and Vivek Shetty under bad light and as a criminal. Well we are all with U people . Keep Spreading Truth.


Sam Jawed is a Congress bootlicker. This seems like a defamatory tactic especially since it’s after a fraud guy posing as girl made fake allegations against you.


Dear trueindology, Tere is a claim made by neo buddhist buddhism has been destroyed by pushyamitra sunga, and all major Hindu temple, like tirupathy and Badrinath were originally buddhist temple. How true is that?


TrueIndology exposes Left Liberal gang that’s why being targeted by Fake media houses like @AltNews
Keep serving nation by your Good Work.
Eagerly waiting for your Book.


Having read both the articles I’ve to say this response post falls short on the counter arguments offered to the alt news article. After perusing the sources it is clear that the statue has been left on the footsteps/pavement and people trod on it. Both the articles agree and is not really differing on that point. Where and why people walked on it is left to the interpretation of the respective historians and both the articles show supportive articles for the same.
But you’ve not addressed the fact that the same Brahma image has been labelled and posted as Ganesha statue on March 31 2017 while it has been posted as a Brahma statue in 2016. With so much supporting evidence about the Brahma statue it is unbelievable that you would make such a glaring mistake, which leads me to believe the alt news article’s conclusion that you use random image to suit purposes without context.
Coming to the second post. About the temple, the article you’ve sourced is not ANI, it is a blog post which claims it is from ANI without giving any link to prove the authenticity. The alt news provides to links to respected news papers. Also the link you’ve provided is quite dated and the they received grant and in fact if go through the dawn article you’ll find that the reconstruction is bound to finish soon and they’ve already started doing poojas there.
Also alt news exposed various other posts exposing undoubtedly your lies and fictions. I am curious as to why you chose only these two claims to counter.


Right from the days max muller, a german indologists, to british Indologists and now American indologists, the indian leftist historians propagated sheer distortions of Indian historical facts. They virtually lied through their teeths and ignored facts. Their aim is to nullify (or mythify) the ancient Indian historical evidences which foster continuity and unity of superior Hindu civilization.

The only last standing bastion of Leftists in India, where they still maintain hold of, is the academia, likes of ICHR, MoHRD and other institutions.

They are feeling threatened by the sheer expose of their lies and propaganda by the likes of @trueindology and @Rajivmessage.

More power to you TrueIndology.

They are failing and we must keep the pressure on.

— @AryavrataSweden


True Indology, bhai tu janta hai ki alt news ka har ek statement sahi hai. tera aukat kya hai, twitter pe nakli information spread karta hai. and speaking of patriotism, Fali Nariman, a person associated with the freedom struggle, asked people to refer to sites like altnews and thewire for honest and unbiased reports. BJP ka media wing social media pe tere jaise account bana ke public ko aur brainwash nahi kar sakta hai.


Well this isnt new. I have seen enough liberals, seculars and leftists shooting and scooting all my life. Well this is their idea of adrenaline rush.


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