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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Keep up the good work. I read your tweets about “In pre-islamic times, black stood for beauty, Ajanta Paintings”. We need people like you, Shanmukh and Swati Sarkar to put things in true prespective for many defenceless Hindus, who have been wronged by leftist media.


  2. Wonderful blog! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful knowledge.

    Please do consider publishing books targeted for young kids. You really have a flair for explaining things in a style which everyone can understand. Such books would make excellent gifts for young formative minds. Best age to make them aware and proud of our real history and heritage.

    Thank you!


  3. @TrueIndology – I saw your comment about “talking to a wall” today, trust me (and many others who pointed it out on your TL), we appreciate the work you do. I don’t have twitter account for now, however I look forward to read your tweets all the time. What I love is, you back it with facts, just like Swati Sarkar, Dikgaj and others. I like that you do not fall for the right wing bigotry.

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  4. I saw your tweets https://twitter.com/TrueIndology/status/721174266683723776 about the Hindu massacre on April 16th 1971. I am utterly shocked and angry and just proves again and again, how vile Islam is.
    I also read about your rebuttal to Ambedkar’s calling Ram practising polygamy, loved it.
    I appreciate you enlightening us. If you need books, please let everyone know. I will do my part of contributing towards the purchase of such.


  5. I have couple of old books in PDF format. Not sure if it will interest you or you already know about it,but it is worth a read. Let me know how do i send it out. One is “The plot in Indian chronology” published in 1953 by pandit K.Venkatachalam and the second one being “war in ancient India”


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