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True Indology is a project to explore, research, revisit and appreciate all aspects of the historical past of Indian subcontinent

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Keep up the good work. I read your tweets about “In pre-islamic times, black stood for beauty, Ajanta Paintings”. We need people like you, Shanmukh and Swati Sarkar to put things in true prespective for many defenceless Hindus, who have been wronged by leftist media.

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Wonderful blog! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful knowledge.

Please do consider publishing books targeted for young kids. You really have a flair for explaining things in a style which everyone can understand. Such books would make excellent gifts for young formative minds. Best age to make them aware and proud of our real history and heritage.

Thank you!

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@TrueIndology – I saw your comment about “talking to a wall” today, trust me (and many others who pointed it out on your TL), we appreciate the work you do. I don’t have twitter account for now, however I look forward to read your tweets all the time. What I love is, you back it with facts, just like Swati Sarkar, Dikgaj and others. I like that you do not fall for the right wing bigotry.

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I saw your tweets https://twitter.com/TrueIndology/status/721174266683723776 about the Hindu massacre on April 16th 1971. I am utterly shocked and angry and just proves again and again, how vile Islam is.
I also read about your rebuttal to Ambedkar’s calling Ram practising polygamy, loved it.
I appreciate you enlightening us. If you need books, please let everyone know. I will do my part of contributing towards the purchase of such.

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I have couple of old books in PDF format. Not sure if it will interest you or you already know about it,but it is worth a read. Let me know how do i send it out. One is “The plot in Indian chronology” published in 1953 by pandit K.Venkatachalam and the second one being “war in ancient India”


Looking forward to your book. Keep up the great work. let me know if you need any help for the book. Editing, publishing, printing etc etc anything at all.. you get the point.

Need folks like you putting the true word out there.

Cheers mate.


You might be interested in reading this

In this heavily researched work, extensively drawing from the Quran, authentic hadith, principal sufi works and biographies, along with numerous other documents, we discover an account of Islam – based on both its authenticated history and especially its psychology – that precludes its alleged origin. And as we examine the primary Islamic texts, along with two national examples (one of which, of course, is “Pakistan”) exhibiting the same origin, the real occult creator of Islam becomes clear. In addition to exposing the myth of Islam’s revelatory origin, we intensively examine the actual doctrine of the heretical – to Islam, yet at the same time viciously anti-Hindu – sufi ‘saints’, juxtaposing their intermediate (as openly admitted by them) mystic realizations with the Consciousness of the Rishis and Yogin. Finally, we return to the Islamic scripture to again comment on the absolute impossibility of any “Reformation”, and outline the ongoing centres of control by which the Asura of Falsehood continues to savagely impose himself.

Click to access touched-by-an-asura.pdf



Thank you for clarifying on ninth Nanak’s martyrdom.One can not help but agree with your analysis.It is also in sync with the trend of the last two Gurus before GTB being summoned to Delhi Mughal darbar ,because the emperor wanted to size them up by meeting in person,ever since Guru Hargobind had embraced MIRI along with PIRI as the future path of the Sikhs.Guru Har Rai sent RAM Rai who tampered with the holy verse and thus got excommunicated for life.Next,Guru HarKishan too was summoned by the emperor for a meeting,but succumbed to disease before it could happen.So,it’s not odd that this should have been continued by Aurangzeb,since he had already started taking keen interest in Sikh affair s by then,as evidenced by his previous summoning of the last two Gurus.And this time,he ensured presence by sending soldiers and placing GTB under their custody, all the way from Anandpur to Delhi.


I have been following you on twitter and feel u can help me on my current anxiety.I am in search of my lost history . We are rajputs settled in Tamilnadu . Most probably form bondil caste as told by my fore fathers can u suggest some good authentic books where I can read about Rajputs/bundela migrations to south.

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I’d really like to ask you a few questions about your very thoughtful and well crafted blog for a book I’m writing on representation of Hinduism online. Can you email me? gitju -at- yahoo.com
I look forward to hearing from you!


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